What is Inspired?

Inspired is my monthly newsletter, in which I share one of my illustrations and what inspired it. I talk about the creative process: the highs and the lows of it. I also share a book, podcast or article recommendation, although this section might evolve into sharing anything that generally inspired me that month. Hope you enjoy it!

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About me

I’m Judith P. Raynault, a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in London, hailing from Montréal.

My design work focuses on branding, editorial and art direction. My illustrations are inspired by people I admire, social justice, snippets of everyday life and great storytelling in all its forms—be it books, podcasts, TV shows or striking images.

I sell my illustration work as limited edition art prints and greeting cards. I also take commissions.


Why did I start Inspired?

Like many other creatives on Instagram, I got frustrated with the platform only showing my posts to a fraction of the people following me. Inspired is a way to share my work with people who are interested in seeing it, with the added bonus of being able to talk about it in more depth.

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A monthly dispatch from me, Judith P. Raynault, about my illustrations, inspirations, and general talk about the creative process.


Graphic designer and illustrator based in London, hailing from Montréal. I apply my creativity to elevate people and businesses who help, educate or inspire.